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A Different Approach to Tenant Locating

As Landlords the most time consuming part of owning rentals is finding a qualified, good tenant for our properties. Reno Rental Finders can be a perfect asset to those that want, and do, manage their own properties. Our Tenant Location Program is perfect for landlords that don't want to pay for property management, but don't have time to screen tenants. Our staff does all the marketing of your property, collects the data after an application is submitted and then presents all of it to you the owner. You, the Landlord, makes all the decisions regarding your property.

Who are some of the owners of Reno Rental Finders you might wonder? They are landlords just like you. They have had single family homes, multi family property and condominiums; which gives a broad knowledge of the different types of property that landlords can own. Our experience gives us also the ability to help you determine the rental amount that you can get for your property. It is always your final decision but we truly believe in communication and will tell you what we think and what we hear when we get calls about the home.

The Reno Rental Finders Tenant Locating Package is especially designed for owners who want to save time and money while locating renters for their properties. Reno Rental Finders does the work of locating a tenant for you, so that those tenants who are ready to look now can rent your property now. How many times have you missed a call or been too busy to meet at the rental? Our staff meets by appointment 7 days a week at the property to all who inquire, so potential tenants can view your rental property. We never just hand out keys to your property. Another feature that seems to be a great help to Landlords is the fact that we are able to meet and greet at your rental when it is convenient for potential tenants. This means not only Monday through Friday, but also Saturday and Sundays. Timely and effective customer service is mutually beneficial to both the landlord and the tenant.

We are looking forward to helping you locate your next tenant with our Tenant Locating Package. Please call us at (775) 342-5478 or email us at when you need our assistance.

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